Colleen Makhubele Biography, Age, Husband, COPE

Colleen Makhubele Biography, Age, Husband, COPE & SARA

Colleen Makhubele Biography, Age, Husband, COPE, South Africa Rainbow Alliance (Sara)

Colleen Makhubele has been in the news this week for being fired by COPE leader; keep reading to find out her full age, biography, husband, her relationship with COPE and SA Rainbow Alliance (SARA)


Colleen Makhubele Biography

Colleen Makhubele is a popular South African politician, businesswoman, Director & CEO. The female prominent figure was born in Giyani, the province of Limpopo in South Africa.

Colleen has attained a great height in South African politics, and is also at the top of her career, she has been a member of the South Africa’s Institute of Directors. Also, she works under the Department of Economic Development as a Metropolitan Trading Company in Johannesburg.

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Collen was the non-Executive Director and also the chairperson of the South African Post Office.

Currently, she is the Company Secretary for the SA popular firm, YellowTrain Investments, in addition she is a member of HCL Foundation Trust as a Trustee.


Politically, she has made her impact, she has been with the political party Congress of the People popularly referred to as COPE.

In 2021, she was the party’s flagbearer during the last Mayoral election in the City of Johannesburg .

In addition of her numerous business, Makhubele is a founding member and director of the Mzumbe Group of Companies.  She served as Mzumbe Group of Companies’ Chief Executive Officer. She was in charge of the company’s portfolios in ICT, energy, etc

Colleen Makhubele Age

The birth date of Colleen Makhubele is not certain, but her real age is 43 years old. She was born in the year 1980 in South Africa.

Colleen Makhubele Husband

Colleen Makhubele who is a Christian has been married for more than fifteen years and she loves to spend some quality time with both her husband and kids. Colleen together with her husband have two children, they are both male.

She has been able to take her family away from the press and media as she does not share information about her marriage and family details. Her romantic life has also been hidden away from the media. The only information she shared on her social media profile page indicates that she is a a wife and a mother.

Colleen Makhubele on COPE (Congress of the People) & SARA (South Africa Rainbow Alliance)

The full meaning of COPE is Congress of the People, and Colleen Makhubele has been a member.

Two years ago, she was Cope’s Mayoral candidate for the City of Johannesburg.

A year after in September 2022, she ran for the Speaker of the City Council in Johannesburg, and she won the position.

Sadly, she has been removed and fired from the COPE party this week.

Cope executives on Monday axed its only Johannesburg councilor and council speaker, Colleen Makhubele. The news has been all over the news and it has got people interested in what transpired and what may happen next.

The COPE leader Mosioua Lekota removed Makhubele on Monday 13th November 2023 for starting a new political alliance, the SA Rainbow Alliance (Sara), while he did not approve of it.

According to reports, the SA Rainbow Alliance (Sara) does not have any website nor have any sufficient information available to the public. From investigations, it seems to be a new small party alliance which Makhubele has created.

SARA went public just last weekend, with no sufficient information about it nor it’s core purpose. The party was promoted via Bishop Marothi J Mashasha’s social media account.  Also its campaign posters are slick and has Makhubele face on it.

SARA (South Africa Rainbow Alliance) simply describes itself as “pact comprising like-minded minority parties, civic organizations, churches and faith-based organizations”.


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