Kaylow Biography, Age, Real Name, Net Worth

Kaylow Biography, Age, Real Name, Net Worth

Kaylow Biography, Age, Real Name, Net Worth

Another interesting fellow we have today is Kaylow, a South African entertainer. On this page, we have shared more information about him, some of which are who he is, how old is Kaylow, his real name, girlfriend, how much he may worth etc.


Keep reading to know interesting facts about the South African singer.

Kaylow Biography

The entertainer, Kaylow is a South African born singer, a vocalist and music writer. His well appreciated vocal has made him gain some popularity in the country and with his talent he is making a huge difference in the SA music industry. Also, the content of his music which are his lyrics are that which can be related to by normal people around the streets. He hails from a village in Potchefstroom, North West of South Africa.

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Kaylow began music in his your age, and so far there are no information about his background, where he grew up about his parents and siblings. Please keep checking as we will update this page when we get more information.

Kaylow Real Name

The artist has his stage name as Kaylow, but that is not his real name. The real name of the South African artist is Kelello Segoana.


Kaylow Age

One of the questions many ask about Kaylow is, how old is Kaylow? Well, after some research we have found out the real age of the musician. Kaylow was born on 19 March 1986 to his parents. As of 2023, Kaylow is 37 years old. He celebrates his birthdays on 19th of every March.

Kaylow Girlfriend

The singer is the type who keeps his personal and relationship life a secret and so recognizing whether he is in a relationship or not is actually a hard work. Because of his age (37), one can easily assume that he is either married of even engaged to a woman. But so far, nothing of his lifestyle makes us think or points to that direction.

So far, Kaylow seems to be more concentrated in his music career, but despite his zeal to keep some certain part of his life private, there have been news about the artist being in a romantic relationship with a fellow entertainer.

Recently, the artist got to the best part or level of his music career, around same time he released his long awaited music which he calls “Hey Baby Umuhle Ngempela”.

In one of his recently released tracks, Kaylow worked closely with an artist who was the former “Idols SA” judge, they song they both worked on was “Jola” and the female assist came from Unathi Nkayi. Thanks to their collaborative effort, the song went wild in Mzansi radio and was played all over the media.

Asides the music, after working together on the music and officially dropping the track, the duo were still spotted together hanging out as though they were more than friends. However, it could be that they were in the verge of making a new music.

People began to wonder more, when they began to publish images of themselves and according to a report, one of their song had it’s chorus translate to English as “We Are Dating”.

Sadly, the news was squashed after Unathi got married to  Thomas Msengana, who happens to be a radio personality. They though parted ways after Unathi claimed her partner was sexting another lady who lives in Johannesburg.

We do not know if Unathi and Kaylow are still a thing, but we will keep our eyes out and keep you informed about Kaylow’s relationship status.

Kaylow Net Worth

The South African singer has not publicly stated how much he may worth. He also does not share his lifestyle on social media, but from estimations, Kaylow should be worth more than 300,000$.

Music Career

As a South African born and brought up, it is not surprising that Kaylow has chosen the House music as his genre. Since he began his career, he has been on a steady path to success, sharing nice music for his fans. Kaylow has been in the music scene from 2010 and is currently signed to a South African music label which is called, House Afrika Record.

Kaylow the entertainer when he chose to do music, decided to try out South African house music, and it went in his favor. For over a decade, that is from 2010, Kaylow has been in the music scene dishing out some beautiful tunes for his fans. He is currently signed with a record label named House Afrika Records, from which he dropped most of his best music.

Kaylow Top Music

In the course of his career, Kaylow has shared some beautiful piece. He has shared a ton of songs and produced two albums. SOme of his body of worka re listed below:

  1. Noma
  2. War For You (Roots Album Mix)
  3. Give Me Life
  4. Down for Each Other
  5. Mr Bae
  6. Happiest Man
  7. Nothing to Do With This
  8. Second Best
  9. Khululeka
  10. The Soul Cafe
  11. Nothing Better
  12. Greatest Love
  13. They Keep Trying-Rocco Deep Mix
  14. Sthandwa Sam
  15. Don’t Say We’re Thru
  16. Cry, 4 Love
  17. Walk Away
  18. Dysfunctional Head
  19. Reach Out
  20. Close My Eyes I’m in Love with a Stranger

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