Who Is Mnqobi Yazo, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Best Songs & Album

Who Is Mnqobi Yazo, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Best Songs & Album

  • Real Name: Mnqobi Lindokuhle Msimango
  • Stage Name Bobby Shmurda
  • Age: 35 years old (appx)
  • Date of Birth (Birthday): Not certain
  • Net worth: +/- 300,000$
  • Place of Birth: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: music producer, singer, actor, and song writer
  • Social Media Facebook (Mnqobi Yazo), Twitter (@Mnqobiyazosa), and Instagram (@Mnqobi_yazo)

Mnqobi Yazo is a renowned South African house music producer, singer, actor, and also a scriptwriter. He spent his childhood at the provincial town of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal located in South Africa. Mnqobi is a very talented South African singer, he is in fact popular for his amazing skills and his ability to combine three genres in his music; these genres are; Maskandi, Isicathamiya, and Afro Jazz. Below we have a few details about the South African, his songs, new albums, and his real age etc.

Who Is Mnqobi Yazo, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Top Songs & Best Album

Mnqobi Yazo Biography

Mnqobi is the stage name of the South African singer, but his real name is Mnqobi Ndunakazi.

He was born in the provincial city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  He is unique for his kind of performer, Mnqobi contributes to the maintenance of the cultural belief through most of his  lifestyle and songs fused with various musical genres such as Maskandi, Isicathamiya, and Afrohit jazz.

He is a musician whose love of Africa led him to inspire other Africans to embrace their cultural heritage. Mnqobi reportedly gave up music while still in school, but returned to music only while in tenth grade when he met someone who motivated him, who refocused his senses on music. . However, during his sophomore and junior years in college, he recorded many songs and performed on stage. At the time, he released his first song titled “Ntombazana”, which had the power to revive strange feelings in the listener’s mind. The song was played on the radio, at street store openings, and even at outdoor concerts. The song was incorporated into the melodic contemporary African music style and marked the beginning of his rise to fame. It was vibrant music made from a proper mix of ‘Isicathamiya, Afro-jazz, and Maskandi music.


Mnqobi Yazo Age

The real age of the South African singer is not quite not known, but by estimation, he should be in his mid or late 30s.

Mnqobi Yazo Net Worth

It is safe to state that the estimated net worth of the house singer is a about $300,000.

Mnqobi Yazo Award

He has won several national and international awards and has appeared on numerous international billboards in recognition of his honor. Due to his dedication to cultural values, his song lyrics contain the most sublime messages.

He has sung songs with international singers and rappers such as Lil Wayne and Bryson Tiller. Audiences love his brown skin and his modest height. He reported that music is rather just an element. Music is an extraordinary element, the nature of which seems inexplicable to humans. There, he made it clear that he doesn’t see other musicians as competitors because music is just art.

It was no coincidence that in his youth he participated in the school Isicathamiya group competitions many times and always won the competitions. For he was a man whose musical learning was encouraged by the society he came from, which he called his musical environment. His music career, like any successful music career, is the result of many failures and giving up. As expected, he experienced countless challenges and setbacks in his life as a musician.

Mnqobi Yazo’s Love for Africa

His love of Africa has prompted countless questions from his followers about whether he is a sangoma (a famous and respected traditional Zulu healer). These thoughts came to him after the release of the single entitled “Sabela”. In his song “Sabella” he called on Africans to follow their spiritual mission and follow the will of their traditions. But he’s not really a sangoma, he’s just a culture revivalist.

Besides being a musician, he played an important role in Uhozi FM’s radio play ‘Buchitheka Bugayiwe’ and played a lead role in part of the movie ‘Umganga’. Handling is a film by Future Africa, an organization founded by Mnqobi, Sounds Taboo, Sibu Nzuza and Aewon Wolf. He has also appeared in films like There Lies Ubuntu and Charcoal and Ash, where he also plays one of the lead characters. All these movies are African movies with a creepy quality.
The usual superstitions, traditional tales and obscure backgrounds that tell of African relics.

Mnqobi Yazo’s Best Songs

  • Ukwenza Yenza:

  • Mlungu Wami:

  • Igolide:

  • Amathafa

Mnqobi linked up with other house singers to share a hit track called, Amathafa. The piece of art is just a great work well done by the duo. After the song’s release it recorded a huge success.

Mnqobi Yazo Albums

  • iStiff:

  • Impi

  • Iscephu:


All in all, Mnqobi Yazo is one of those rare musicians whose love for Africa never ends. He follows the principle that all African musicians and film actors should follow: “define your culture from the inside out”. As if that weren’t the case, he also reportedly loves encouraging African musicians to produce African songs.

But if one appreciates his overall contribution to the perpetuation of cultural values ​​in Africa, the consequences are insurmountable because he is someone who has contributed so much to the preservation of cultural values. I guess.

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