Eemoh Biography, Age, Gender, Real Name, Masithokoze

Eemoh Biography, Age, Gender, Masithokoze

Who is Eemoh? Biography, Age (How Old Is Eemoh), Gender Reveal, Girlfriend, Real Name, Pictures, New Song ‘Masithokoze’ Ft DJ Stokie

On this page we are interesting in sharing more information about the upcoming South African amapiano singer, Eemoh, who the artist is, Emooh real age, how old is Eemoh, Emooh Real name, gender reveal (is he a boy or girl), girlfriend, biography, is his name Eemoh or Emmoh? and about the recent amapiano song released along with Dj Stokie which they both titled “Masithokoze”.


One of the best things about South African entertainment industry is about the fairness, level ground and equal opportunity it provides for talents. Someone who is not known with zero publicity can become a national phenomenon if such person presents excellent talent. This has been the case of many, and is currently being the case of Eeemoh.

Eemoh Biography

The artist is a very young and talented house singer who was born and raised within South Africa. Some reports claim that the real name of Eemoh is Shangase, but is known by his stage name as ‘Eemoh’.

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He has been in the South African music industry for just a few years, he was born and raised in a village called uNtunjambili, near Kranskop in South Africa.

More information about his family and background are not in the public yet, as we search for more information we shall update this page to keep you abreast with more information about him.


Eemoh Age (How Old Is Emmoh)

Eemoh is an upcoming young amapiano singer who was born in 2000, the same year Kwiish SA was born. From his date of birth, one can tell he is 24 years old in 2024.

Eemoh Gender (Is Eemoh A Boy Or Girl)

Before he released the amapiano song with Dj Stokie, before he began to trend many who listen to his amapiano beats do not know the gender of the person behind the music as he does not add his vocals. After he worked closely with Dj Stokie, a more established South African amapiano artist which a good number of followers, amapiano lovers picked interest in who assisted Dj Stokie in the new piano song.

From the name ‘Eemoh’, we began to search for more information about the artist, and guess what? We have been able to find his social platforms like; Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, etc.

And from his social media posts, it is apparent that Eemoh is a young male South African.

Eemoh Real Name

The young South African amapiano singer has his stage name as Eemoh, but that is not his real biological name. Eemoh’s real name is Nqubeko Shangase.

Eemoh Girlfriend

The South African amapiano singer, Emmoh has not revealed explicitly if he is dating, but for the fact that he looks like a girl, many ask if he is actually gay or has a girlfriend.

No one knows for sure, however, Eeemoh has been seen around pools where there are women, and he has been seen closely with a lady whom we do not know for sure if she’s romantically into him (check image below).

Dj Stokie’s ‘Masithokoze’ New Amapiano Song With Eemoh

The major reason Eemoh has been trending is because of his input in the music, ‘Masithokoze’. The duo Dj Stokie & Eemoh worked closely on the hit that it became a hit, and has been trending on various social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. With the music trending, many began to ask about the identity of the featured artist on the the song as he played his part well.

‘Masithokoze’ is an amapiano song which was released on 24th June 2023. The song spans for less than 2 minutes and currently has about 14k views on YouTube.

The new amapiano song, ‘Masithokoze’ features Dj Stokie and Eemoh, who produced and released the music.

We do hope to hear from the duo soon again.

Hope we answered some of the pressing questions about Eemoh like his real name, age, is he a boy or a girl, his biography etc. Do you wish to know anything more, please share your thoughts and question via the comment section, we will be glad to assist in finding the correct answers,



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