Steffan, AKA’s Brother Wishes Their Dad ‘Tony Forbes’ A Happy Birthday As He Turns 55

Steffan, AKA’s Brother Wishes Dad 'Tony Forbes' A Happy Birthday

Steffan, AKA’s Brother Wishes Their Dad ‘Tony Forbes’ A Happy Birthday As He Turns 55

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes also known as AKA was a South African renowned and professional singer who was born in Cape Town, South Africa.


AKA was born on 28th January 1988 and he only has a sibling, Steffan. They both were born into a South African Christian family that bears the surname, Forbes.

The South African rapper had been a very great talent, a prolific rapper and a well loved entertainer before he was shot in Durban some months ago on February 10th.

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Mr Forbes AKA and Steffan’s father, Tony Forbes on the other hand was born on 4th July 1968, so he is currently 55 years old as of 4th July 2023.

The father of the celebrities, though are living a very fulfilled life, but it could have been a better instance if Mr Tony Forbes and his his wife Mrs Lynn Forbes still have their first son alive.


AKA before his death has a child, which is a granddaughter to his parents, and her name is Kairo. Mr and Mrs Forbes took out time to celebrate the birthday as they left South African and travelled to New York  to have a good time and enjoy their vacation plus birthday in New York.

Before they both travelled, Tony who is the father of the rapper who lost his life to gunmen, AKA (Kiernan Jarryd Forbes) gifted his son’s former spouse Nadia Nakia a beautiful necklace just a few weeks after she lost man. The kind gesture got a lot of people interested as they applauded the nice show of love from Mr Forbes.

On 4th July 2023, AKA’s father, Mr Tony Forbes celebrated his 55-year-old birthday.

AKA’s surviving younger brother, Steffan Forbes took to his Instagram account to wish his dad a belated happy birthday, he also added an old image where he was with his late brother AKA and their dad.

He wrote some beautiful words which he titled; “Learnt from the best. Happy Birthday Dad.”

As expected, his father saw and replied to the public birthday wish and he said; “Oh wow! Thank a beautiful memory Steff. I love you always my Boy”

Many friends of the late South African singer like Don Design also engaged in the thread as they sent their birthday wishes to the late celebrity’s father Tony.

Before 4th July, Mr Tony and his son Steffan were seen having having a good time, enjoying their time together even though they still mourn their beloved family member, AKA.

Their union as a family was upvoted on social media as people commented nicely on how they are moving on very fine and some even stated they love that the family look excited.


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