Boity Explains Why She Missed Durban July 2023

Boity Explains Why She Missed Durban July 2023

Boity Explains Why She Missed Durban July 2023

One of the most internationally recognized Horseracing event in Africa is the “Durban July” which holds in South Africa. The Hollywoodbets Durban July (as it is popularly known) is an annual event which has been running without interruption annually since July 17th, 1897.

The date marks when Campanajo passed the finish line first during the Durban Turf Club Handicap in 1600m horse race at the Western Vlei, Hollywoodbets Greyville.

The event which usually takes place at Greyville Racecourse at the township of Durban, South Africa has been a fusion many sports games, and shows like; music, live performances, best in betting, entertainment plus various other activities.

Yearly, the event organizers bring out a theme and this year’s theme was titled “out of this world”, during the show, the event’s attendees showcased various clothing designs that wowed the audience.

For the 2023 Durban July fashion show, Pearl Thusi Won the year’s best fashion design.

Many other South African musicians, performers, actors, comedians etc. where in attendance, and as an annual show, these faces show up yearly for the event.

One of the usual attendees is Boity, a South African female entertainer, singer, song writer. For some consecutive years, she has been coming for the event, but was not seen during this year’s event.

Some of her fans noticed as they were looking out to see how she would dress, and perhaps if she’d win any awards on the day, unfortunately she was not seen, so her fans went to her social media (Instagram) to inquire what was wrong.

As a celebrity who maintains her relationship with her fans, she went ahead to share the reason why she did not make it at the Durban July 2023.

A lot of South African celebrities were present for the show as they looked very rich and fabulous in their respective attires.

As usual, after the show there were banters online mostly among fans of different celebrities, and they tend to fight over who was the best dressed, and poorly dressed.

One of the expected elegant dressers Boity Thulo was expected, but as she was not seen, many immediately  began to suggest why she could not make it, and one of the popular reports on social platforms is that she is allegedly pregnant.

Well, as expected, the rumours and social media reports have been wrong as Boity came through via her Twitter to reveal why she could not make it to the event.

She stated that she actually spent the weekend with her grandma. Below, we have the Twitter update where she replied one of her anxious fans who wanted to know about her where about on the day of the event.

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