Ntando – Njalo Mangivuka Ekuseni

Ntando – Njalo mangivuka ekuseni


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Ntando , the talented South African musician and dancer, has unveiled an electrifying new single titled “Njalo Mangivuka Ekuseni”. Known for his dynamic approach to music, Ntando skillfully merges the pulsating beats of electronic dance music with the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeat, creating a compelling sonic experience.

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In this latest offering, Ntando captures the essence of what he believes music should represent—fresh air that rejuvenates the soul. The track “Njalo Mangivuka Ekuseni” showcases his signature style, which masterfully combines the intense energy of EDM’s electrical and percussion elements with the fast-paced enthusiasm and rich cultural textures of Afrobeat.

Ntando’s unique sound has not only carved a niche for him within South Africa’s diverse music scene but has also attracted an international audience eager for his inventive music blends. This single promises to be a celebration of innovative music that resonates with a wide range of listeners, from EDM enthusiasts to Afrobeat aficionados.


“Njalo Mangivuka Ekuseni” is designed to energize and inspire, reflecting Ntando’s deep connection to the transformative power of music. His tracks are more than just music; they are auditory experiences that push the boundaries of traditional genres to create something truly groundbreaking.

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