Zandile Mafe Biography, Age, Crime & Court Case

Zandile Mafe Biography, Age, Crime & Court Case

Zandile Mafe Biography, Age, Crime & Court Case

Just as the good guys, there are other bad guys who are roaming the streets, but thank God for the law. Zandile Mafe is a South African who we have shared about his biography, age, the crime he committed and his court case.


The South African man has been popular as he has been arrested and sent to court for setting Parliament building on fire last year January 2022. Before we delve into the intentions and other information, it is pertinent to look at the age and profile of the arsonist.

Zandile Mafe Biography

Who is the arsonist Zandile Mafe? He is a known a South African, he was born and raised in South Africa. The alleged criminal was born and raised in a village called Mahikeng, located in North West Province in South Africa.

It has been reported that he lived in Langa a period of five years then moved to Khayelitsha, Cape Town. He was in Cape Town when he was arrested and charged for the crime of arson.

The middle aged man became a notorious fellow after he was accused of setting the South African Parliament building ablaze. His action got people wondering is his mental health is in good shape, because how would a sane person burn down something as significant as a nation’s Parliament building.


Zandile Mafe Age

The South African criminal was born in the year 1972. As of when he performed the criminal act, he was 50 years old.

But in 2023, Zandile Mafe is 51 years old.

Zandile Mafe Real Name / Full Name?

As interesting as it sounds, the full name of the arsonist is Zandile Christmas Mafe. By birth, he is a South African by birth and is also a resident of the country. For his name to include Christmas, many believe that it was because he was born on Christmas day, and that is why he has Christmas as his middle name.

Zandile Mafe Crime And Court Case

As known, the Parliament building is an important structure where South Africa’s laws are made and reviewed. So, on January 2022, it was set ablaze, and Zandile was accused to be the one who set the building on fire. He was arrested later in his apartment and charged to court.

Since the incident, many have been wondering about the mental wellbeing on the individual.

After the building was set on fire, the police raided his apartment in Khayelitsha, and was searching for evidence linking him to the crime site. Then, the recovered some political newspaper articles from the 1980s, ANC shirt, some posters and placards requesting the release of Janusz Walus. Also to add to the list, he had been sentenced for Chris Hani’s assassination.

The next day, 4th January, he was arraigned in court for the first time, while his lawyer refuted the allegations and stated that the apartment was his client’s for up to 6 years.

Charges Levelled against Zandile the arsonist,

Possession of an explosive device


Destruction of essential infrastructure

Double counts of arson

The charge sheet also showed he was in possession of stolen electronics like laptops, crockery and other documents suspected to be from the burnt Parliament structures.


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