Who Is Natasha Thahane? Biography, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Natasha Thahane? Biography, Age, Net Worth 2023


Let’s find out the real name, age and other information about Natasha Tahane. Find out more information about this beautiful South African female star. Also, know more about who she is, her biography, her net worth in 2023, social media, height, relationship status, and so much more about Thahane Natasha.


Movies pull us into a whole new world, but it’s the talented actors and actresses who make that world look and feel like real life. One of such talented actresses is Natasha Tahane. Natasha is a young but highly talented South African actress. Her roles in some of her movie sets like; It’s Okay We’re Family, Skeem Sam, Blood and Water and also The Queen can’t be overstated. She brings not just life but energy to every role she plays and also a breath of fresh air in her face on the big screen. Keep reading to find more about the pretty talented actress.

Natasha Thahane Biography

Nokkutura Thahane is the real name of the female actress, Natasha Thahane. The actress was given bith to on September 25, 1995 in Orlando East, a village located in Soweto, South Africa. So Natasha Thahane is currently 28 years old. This young woman is not only good at acting, but also is a good model and social media personality.

Surprisingly, many may be shocked to know that Natasha’s great-grandfather is the popular figure, Desmond Tutu. She, Natasha is very educated, attended her primary education at Milnerton High School in South Africa. She went a step further and gained admission in higher institution, where in the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa she bagged a degree. At a young age, the South African female entertainer has achieved great success in the film industry. Her career career can be said to be fruitful. Amongst the shows she has premiered her talents in are; It’s Okay, We Are Family, Skeem Skam, Blood and Water, and also The Queen.


How old is Natasha Tahain?

Natasha Thahane age: She was born on September 25th, 1995. In 2023 the actress will be 28 years old.

Natasha Thahane Net Worth

Thahane Natasha has an estimated net worth of about $500,000. Most of this worth comes from her illustrious career as a successful entertainer.

Natasha Tahan movies

Blood and Water

Natasha Thahan took on the role of Wendy Dlamini on the movie, Blood and Water. Not long ago revealed to her followers that she would be back for for the third season of the same series.

Skeem Sam

Natasha Tahane in the movie, played the role of a simple girl called Enre.


On this South African show, The Queen, stars Natasha as Amu. While in the movie, she quit the show to travel to the United States to study acting and drama at the New York Film Academy.

· It’s okay, we’re family

Natasha Tahane social media

Natasha is a pretty celebrity who has lots of fans following her on her social platforms. She is a social media sensation. Natasha is more active on the Instagram social media. On Instagram – (@natasha_thhahane) and on Twitter – (@Natasha_Thahane).

Natasha Tahane relationship

Thahane had been dating Tembinkosi Lorhi. The man is also known as the biological father of Natasha Tahane’s baby, and they have the child together. She gave birth to a baby last year, April or May 2022. However, they eventually broke up, so we are not sure if she is still with Lorhi.


Natasha’s work ethic and dedication to her craft and career has helped her rise to prominence and stand out from the crowd in the movie business and celebrities life. Natasha is a talented and versatile actress. I’m really looking forward to seeing her take on more challenging roles while demonstrating her top-notch skills. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes from purely South African programming to directing foreign Hollywood films.


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