Umlando, The Sound Of Toss

Toss’s Umlando Song Still Among The Top Rated On HipHopZA

Umlando HiphopZa: Amapiano since it’s conception has been taking over the South African entertainment space. The music genre is such that anyone can come and become an Amapiano king without much hassle nor resources, just your intellect.


For the space of about 5 years, the South African tune has witnessed a high influx of artists. Major singers from different music genres have embraced the new piano and drum beats because of its world wide recognition.

Artists like Dj Maphorisa together with other producers who have been known or are associated to other music genres like rap and gqom are currently making waves on the amapiano music, this is because of the promising future of the new music genre.

Asides the older and more established artists, there are younger entertainers whose first attempt have been amapiano, and these youngsters bring in what has not been heard before. A perfect example of this is Toss’ track Umlando, a song which has been trending in the South African entertainment space.


In 2021, Toss alongside 9umber, Mdoovar and other featured artists came through with a new and wonderful tune which they then titled uMlando. The song upon its release began to trend because of the challenge which was initiated by the music owner, Toss. Just before the son release, he started the dance challenge, where people will stand or hold upon something while dancing in a manner that will be rocking their waists. The dance together with the song beats and instrumental gave the whole challenge videos a beautiful view.


When the song was then released officially, it easily became the trending amapiano music in South Africa, as both the dance challenge, music video and song rocks every aspect of the nation. Along the streets, in cars, restaurants etc, heavy bars and vocals of the music could be heard blasting through the speakers of many who played the song.

The song’s popularity and relevance gave birth to Toss’ new album which he titled, uMlando. In the project, the song comes first and was assisted by other amapiano artists like Sino Msolo, Sir Trill, Lady Du, Young Stunna, Slade.

Umlando album was released a year after the song, in 2022 and the lead artists still are Mdoovar, 9umba, TOSS. The music genre can be categorized into Amapiano and Dance/Electronic music.


Umlando has been the major breakout for Toss and 9Umba who was the producer. The song was released in 2021 and was hyped with its dance challenge, coupled with the nice setup of the music, it attained a critical acclaim where it was played in most radio and TV stations. Toss took on the advantage to share a new album, uMlando and since then has been an amapiano sensation.

Toss have been touring cities and countries, and was recently in England for a live perform. His fans together with our team at HipHopZA really hope he comes through with another excellent jam and we do know he will not fails his followers.


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