Lwams (Age, Net Worth, Real Name) And Makhadzi Relationship Status

Lwams (Age, Net Worth, Real Name) And Makhadzi Relationship Status


When Makhadzi showed up with a rich young man after breaking up with master KG in 2020, all her fans were breaking their necks to find out who he was and what they were doing together. Eventually, it turned out that his name was Lwams and he was dating Makhadzi. Read on to find out what their relationship status is now.

Lwams Age, Net Worth, Real Name And Lwams & Makhadzi Relationship Status

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Lwams’ profile

Full & real name Lwams Zwivhuya Nelwamondo
Known stage name Lwams
Age 30 years old (estimated)
Date of birth 1992 (estimated)
Net worth Millions of dollars
Salary Not Known
Place of birth Not Known
Nationality South African
Occupation CEO Lwams Africa, Businessman
Height Not Known
Relationship status Single
Parents (Father/Mother) Grandfather (Chief of Lwamondo village)
Child/children No children
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) Not Known
Educational Qualification Degree in Logistics Management from Vaal University of Technology

Lukau Primary School

Hairstyle Low cut hair
Social media Facebook (Lwams Nelwamondo) and Instagram (@Lwams_Nelwamondo)
Contact details Not Known

Makhadzi’s profile

Full & real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona
Known stage name Makhadzi
Age 26 Years Old
Date of birth 30 June 1996
Net worth $400,000
Salary Not known
Place of birth Ha-Mashamba Tshivhangani, Limpopo, South Africa.
Nationality South African
Occupation Singer
Height N/A
Relationship status Dating Master KG
Parents (Father/Mother) Mother
Child/children N/A
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) N/A
Educational Qualification Public Relations and Drama
Hairstyle Not Available
Social media Instagram (@makhadzisa)
Contact details Not available

Lwams and Makhadzi’s Bio

Makhadzi is a very popular Mzanzi singer. Her real name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona. The star was born on 30 June 1996 in Ha-Mashamba Tshivhangani, Limpopo, South Africa.  Her mother raised her after her parents separated together with her two siblings. Makhadzi attended ‘Mukula Integrated School’ where she completed her grade 12. The ‘Tshanda Vhuya’ crooner obtained her Public Relations qualification and is presently studying drama. Makhadzi started performing in Taxi ranks at the age of 13 years getting money from people’s offerings.


Lwams is a wealthy entrepreneur. His full name is Lwams Zwivhuya Nelwamondo. The businessman has a degree in Logistics Management from the Vaal University of Technology. He is the CEO of Lwams Africa company, but he became very popular when he started dating the music star Makhadzi in 2021. This relationship started soon after Master KG and Makhadzi broke up.

Lwams and Makhadzi’s Relationship

It turns out that Lwams and Makhadzi started dating in 2021 not long after her break up with master KG. Recall that Master KG and Makhadzi ended their long-term relationship about 2 years ago amidst tears from the fans swooning over their relationship.

According to Makhadzi, her relationship with Lwams turned sour because he was abusing her. In addition to this, he even reportedly attempted to kill her. Soon after, Makhadzi broke up with Lwams. Lwams is now her ex-boyfriend. Ever since Makhadzi revealed the details of what Lwams did to her such as raising his hands at her and breaking her awards and pictures. Thankfully, Lwams and Makhadzi are separated now and she is back with Master KG.

Makhadzi’s Songs and Albums

One of Makhadzi’s popular songs is ‘Tsoko Tsoko’. She dropped a new jam titled “Tsoko Tsoko” featuring Mr. Brown & Airburn Sounds. The song was outstanding and loved by the fans. The song has been buzzing the Radio station of South Africa. Makhadzi also drops other new jams like; “MaGear, Mama, Too much, Mukhavha, Mmapula, Ndi Nne, Mutshini, kulakwe, Woza Woza, and many others. Her songs have been great and buzzing South African airwaves. Makhadzi’s albums include ‘Shumela Venda’, and ‘Matorokisi’.

Lwams and Makhadzi’s Social Media

Makhadzi is active on popular social media like Instagram (@makhadzisa), Facebook, and YouTube. She has over 778k followers on her Instagram.

Lwams can be found on social media on Facebook (Lwams Nelwamondo) and Instagram (@Lwams_Nelwamondo).

Lwams and Makhadzi Net Worth

Makhadzi’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 approximately R5.7 million. She has accumulated her wealth from her successful career as a musician, as well as from her successful business ventures and endorsements.

Master KG’s net worth is unclear and undisclosed, but he is worth millions of dollars.


  1. What is Lwams and Makhadzi’s relationship status?

Lwams and Makhadzi are no longer dating. They separated because of Lwams abusive nature.

  1. Is Lwams on social media?

Yes, he is. Lwams can be found on social media on Facebook (Lwams Nelwamondo) and Instagram (@Lwams_Nelwamondo).

  1. Where is Makhadzi From?

Makhadzi is from Ha-Mashamba Tshivhangani, Limpopo, South Africa.

  1. What is Makhadzi’s occupation?

Makhadzi is a singer, dancer, and songwriter.

  1. Which school did Lwams go to?

Lwams went to the Vaal University of Technology.


Everybody thought that Makhadzi and Lwams would be good together. However, following the reports of how Lwams treated Makhadzi treated her; it raised a lot of criticism. This man even went as far as to deny that he was dating Makhadzi. Thankfully, she didn’t continue to tolerate this toxic relationship. No matter what, no woman should stay in an unhealthy relationship with a boyfriend where the man is beating her.

Lwams Age, Net Worth, Real Name And Lwams & Makhadzi Relationship Status


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