Kaleo – Lonely Cowboy

KALEO - Lonely Cowboy


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Icelandic rock band KALEO ignites their return with a crisp and comfy new single titled Lonely Cowboy. Since gaining popularity in 2016 with platinum-certified album ‘A/B’. the four-piece band have successfully maintained their position in various parts of mainstream media such as film, television, and live TV.

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Their ability to write reflective lyrics with a unique and instantly recognizable sound has gained the attention of billions of people globally, selling out hundreds of shows and allowing them to obtain over 60 international certifications.

 KALEO’s return with standalone single ‘Lonely Cowboy’ is a pleasant surprise, and in turn has received a warm welcome by fellow supporters. Listeners can feel the downhearted nature of the cowboy as we are guided through his growing desperation for a loyal companion.


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