Gorgeous Mbali Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Surgery, Real Name, Net Worth

Gorgeous Mbali Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Surgery, Real Name

Gorgeous Mbali Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Surgery, Real Name, Net Worth

One thing we have promised our readers is that we shall provide information about trending celebrities, and today we have another South African celebrity and socialite who is trending. She is usually referred to as Gorgeous Mbali.
We have on this page shared some information about Gorgeous Mbali, some of which are; her real name, real age, news of her boyfriend cheating, surgery, biography etc.


Who is Gorgeous Mbali?

Gorgeous Mbali Biograpy: Gorgeous is a South African female celebrity who was born and raised in South Africa. She is a business woman, entrepreneur and also the CEO of a cosmetic brand, Hermosa Flor Cosmetics. Mbali hails from Soshanguve located at Pretoria South Africa, but is reportedly living in Durban.
Gorgeous was said to had been working with the South African Navy back in 2019, then she quit the job to begin social media influencing and focus on her business.

The beautiful young South African lady who is a business lady is actually hardworking and has grown her social media fanbase to a reasonable number. She is very popular on Instagram where she has more than half a million followers. There she conducts her business and makes most of her cosmetics sales. On Twitter, she is also very active, in fact her social life has been growing over the months.

Gorgeous Mbali Age

The real age of the female influencer is not certain yet. One thing is sure though, Gorgeous Mbali celebrates her birthdays on 15th of every June. But her birth year is not certain. By estimation and assumption, Gorgeous Mbali should be in her late 20s.

Gorgeous Mbali Real Name

People popularly know the influencer as Gorgeous Mbali, perhaps the name she wants to be known with. What many do not know is her biological name. After some checks and searches, we have found out the real name of Gorgeous. The real name of Gorgeous Mbali is Mbali Sebapu.


Gorgeous Mbali Business

In 2017, she launched her business, Flor Cosmetics and she has been the founder. Mbali was an employee at South African National Defense Force, but quit the job two years after founding her company. With the help of her savings and pension, she was able to push her business and she claims to have some international manufacturers.

Gorgeous Mbali Net Worth

Mbali has not stated publicly how much she may be worth. But from her business and job as an influencer, we can make a rough estimate.
From our own estimation, Mbali Sebapu who is popularly known as Gorgeous Mbali should be worth about 200,000$.

Gorgeous Mbali Boyfriend

Mbali is known to be in a romantic relationship. No one knows exactly the beginning of their relationship, but they did not make it know to the public from the onset. Mbali was just known to profess his love for her man, and after a while the identity of the man was revealed, and by Mbali herself. On her social platforms, she shares images of her boyfriend and on one occasion penned down a heartfelt birthday message for him when he celebrated his birthday.
Just in case someone needs to know, the female celebrity has been hooked up with a fellow male influencer who is popularly known as Sovo.

Sovo celebrates his birthdays on March 6th, and the duo have been together for months. Recently, Sovo has been caught up in scandals as here have been allegations that he has been cheating on his beautiful girlfriend. The influencer and business man has many women come out to the open to state that they have “receipts” that he is not loyal to Gorgeous Mbali, they claimed that the man is a serial cheater and they have proof of it.

Some women also shared their Instagram “DMs” showing their private chats with the popular man, and how sexually steamy it was. A lady went as far as stating that Sovo had allegedly linked up with her at Sandton Hotel for a fun time.
Sovo is also reportedly known to have a huge say in the South South African hospitality and accommodation industry. Some of the known women who had made this allegation are Omuhle and Mihlahi.

About Mbali’s Surgery

Well, she has done two types of surgery. One was on her eyes, she never specified what happened to her or what she intended to correct, but yet she had an eye surgery.

Secondly, it has been rumored and reported that she has gone through some body enhancement surgery to make her look more curvy. Mbali herself has been sharing her beautiful curves on her social media but some of her fans are claiming to be  tired of the lies and deceit. Many claim that her curves were as a result of going under the knife and not gym sessions as she makes people to believe. Check out one of her fans update below an tell us what you think.

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