Akusekho Lokho – Moss Tsaks

akusekho lokho – Moss Tsaks


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Akusekho Lokho , the multi-talented South African artist and acclaimed designer, has unveiled his latest track, “Moss Tsaks”, captivating audiences with its unique blend of styles. Known for his innate ability to craft compelling tunes, Akusekho Lokho masterfully merges the pulsating beats of electronic dance music with the rhythmic intensity and vibrant spirit of Afrobeat in this new release.

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Describing music as vital as “fresh air,” Akusekho Lokho ensures that each note of “Moss Tsaks” delivers a burst of energy akin to a breath of freshness. The track stands out for its eclectic mix, where electronic dance music’s dynamic electrical and percussion elements seamlessly integrate with the rapid tempo and fiery zest typical of Afrobeat. This fusion not only highlights Akusekho Lokho’s skillful versatility but also appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners.

“Moss Tsaks” promises to be a significant addition to Akusekho Lokho’s already impressive portfolio. His reputation as a naturally gifted performer and an exceptional designer of soundscapes is further solidified by this latest offering. The single is poised to make waves on dance floors and at music festivals around the globe, emphasizing Akusekho Lokho’s standing as a pioneering figure in the world of global music influences.


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