Who Is The South Africa’s King Of Maskandi?

Who Is South Africa's King Of Maskandi?

Who Is South Africa’s King Of Maskandi?

Who Is The King Of Maskandi? Maskandi music is linked to Nguni culture, as most Nguni people enjoy listening to this genre. It is important for artists to know how to play the guitar in a transactional manner, and take pride in their culture.Maskandi music has created a deep rivalry in a manner that many musicians ends up crowning themselves ‘King’. Out of the many self-proclaimed king, only two Maskandi artists have distinguished themselves top leading artists. What made them to be well recognized artists in all this rivalry mess? They frequently call themselves king but do they have what it takes to be the best amongst the rest? Of course! They do. Their success in the industry has made it possible for them to think that they are the best artists ever to grace the African land.


However, despite this feud, history tells us that Mphatheni Khumalo aka Mfaz’ Omnyama is the only true king of Maskandi ever. Thwalufu Namanketshane who is known as the creator of this genre ordained Mfaz’ Omnyama at FNB stadium in the year 2000 as king. Babu Mphatheni would attest to this in many of his songs which he released in the year following 2000.

In the African land, kings do not appoint himself, but this is a different case with Khuzani and his arch-rival Mthandeni aka Igcokama Elisha as they are calling themselves ‘King’. However for them to be crowned king, they have to possess some qualities Thwalufu Namanketshane saw in Mfaz’ Omnyama.

Mntungwa was a left handed self taught master of the strings and stage. His uniqueness in playing the twelve string guitar was astonishing to people and was something abnormal to the people who went to school just to learn how to play. He was even likened to the famous Bon Jovi

The real King of Maskandi knows how to entertain his audience, own the stage and keep the people captivated. But unfortunately, these two recent self-proclaimed king seems to be clueless about owning the stage. As much as Mthandeni and Khuzani have taken Maskandi music to another level, there is still more to learn to cement their relevance.


They have both sadly, introduced violence into the magical genre which has resulted to many poor souls dying prematurely. In Nguni culture, men play for entertainment and peaceful purposes and encourage strength and courage. Igcokama Elisha realized his wrong on his part and has come forward to apologize about the people that have died for being involved in their rivalry.

Mfaz’ Omnyama just sung about things that were appealing to his people, he discouraged violence and rivalry which made him the best and true king of Maskandi music.


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