Vigro Deep, Rated As The Best Amapiano Beat-Maker On HiphopZa

Vigro Deep HiphopZa Amapiano 2023

HiphopZa Appoints Vigro Deep As the Best Amapiano Beat Maker

Vigro Deep whose name is also spelt as Virgo Deep is a very good South African singer, song writer and music producer. He is in fact one of the front-runners of amapiano music, and has been relevant for almost a decade.


The South African amapiano beat-maker, Virgo who was born on the 6th September 2001 in a village of Atteridgeville located in South Africa.

Virgo Deep the amapiano deejay has his real name as ‘Kamogelo Phetla’, he has been chosen as the best South African amapiano beat maker because of the heavy drums, less piano, and high pitch instrument used in his songs.

Thus, fans have been confirming and affirming to the reasons as to why they love Vigro Deep’s kind of amapiano. A perfect sound for parties, clubs, or anyone who just enjoys unique kind of heavy bars, Virgo Deep is the producer to go for.

HiphopZa, a new South  African entertainment company and it’s team have chosen Virgo Deep as the top amapiano beat maker, and thus we have shared the best songs and mixes by Virgo Deep.


Top Amapiano Beats By Virgo Deep by HiphopZa

Bundle Of Joy: In 2019, Vigro Deep dropped an album which he titled Baby Boy 2 Reloaded, in the album project, Vigro Deep had a song in the project which he called Bundle Of Joy. The song along with the other tracks in the project are masterpiece by the producer, and his tracks are also filled with greats beats.

Baby Boy 4: Vigro Deep shares series of mixes and songs, and among these releases he had the Baby Boy series. The older versions of Baby Boy were released before 11th May 2021. On 11th May 2021 Vigro Deep came through with a new project which is a sequel to his Baby Boy 3 project. The project was lit and got Virgo a lot more amapiano lovers.

Blue Monday: Three years ago, Vigro Deep shared an album which he called Rise Of A Baby Boy. The project released in 2020 was assisted by a fellow amapiano artist Focalistic. The duo both did a great job on the song, and then the track easily did a great number and topped the charts in 2020.

Ghost Producer: The South African artist Vigro Deep in 2019, shared the album Baby Boy 2 Reloaded, which is a sequel to his Baby Boy 1 and Baby Boy 2 project. In the Baby Boy 2 project, there was a single named Ghost Producer, the single alone hits the hardest amongst his releases years ago.

Untold Stories: The album project Baby Boy 2 Reloaded which was released in 2019 housed an amapiano music by Vigro Deep called Untold Stories. The single featured no other artist and was released in December 2019.

My House My Rules: My House My Rules is a studio project which Vigro Deep released in December 2022, the project housed lots of trending amapiano songs, like Your Piano is Not my Piano and My World.

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