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HiphopZa Amapiano Songs 2023 & 2022

Top 10 Amapiano Songs (Rated By HipHopZa): The Ultimate Afro-House Hits

Amapiano, the popular South African genre, has taken the music scene by storm, fusing elements of house, jazz, and soul with captivating beats, heavy drums and beautiful melodies. This unique sound has gained both local and international recognition, captivating listeners with its groovy tunes. On this page, HiphopZa presents the top 10 Amapiano songs that have left a lasting impact, becoming anthems in clubs, parties, and radio stations across the globe.


Top 10 HiphopZa Amapiano Songs In 2022 & 2023

  1. “Jerusalema” by Master KG ft. Nomcebo Zikode : “Jerusalema” by Master KG featuring Nomcebo Zikode is undoubtedly one of the biggest Amapiano hits of all time. With its uplifting beats, catchy chorus, and heartwarming lyrics, this song quickly became a global sensation, inspiring the Jerusalema dance challenge that swept across social media platforms. Its vibrant fusion of Amapiano and gospel elements propelled it to the top of charts worldwide, making it a true Amapiano anthem.
  2. “John Vuli Gate” – Mapara A Jazz ft. Ntosh Gaz & Colano : “John Vuli Gate” by Mapara A Jazz featuring Ntosh Gaz and Colano became an instant dancefloor banger upon its release. The infectious energy and catchy chorus of this song captured the hearts of Amapiano enthusiasts. With its hypnotic beats and energetic vocals, it became a viral sensation, dominating playlists and inspiring numerous dance challenges. “John Vuli Gate” undoubtedly secured its place among the top Amapiano tracks.
  3. “Amanikiniki” – MFR Souls ft. Major League Djz, Kamo Mphela & Bontle Smith : “Amanikiniki” is a collaboration between MFR Souls, Major League Djz, Kamo Mphela, and Bontle Smith, showcasing the best of Amapiano talent. The song’s fusion of catchy hooks, soulful vocals, and pulsating beats created an irresistible anthem for partygoers. Its infectious rhythm and memorable lyrics made it an instant hit, dominating dancefloors and playlists, while solidifying its position as a top Amapiano track.
  4. “Ke Star” – Focalistic ft. Vigro Deep : “Ke Star” by Focalistic featuring Vigro Deep is a testament to the genre’s ability to create anthems that resonate with listeners. This song’s infectious melody, combined with Focalistic’s unique vocal delivery and Vigro Deep’s production prowess, made it an instant hit. Its catchy chorus and unforgettable beat propelled it to the top of Amapiano charts, cementing its place among the genre’s finest.
  5. “Vula Mlomo” – Musa Keys ft. Sir Trill & Nobantu Vilakazi : “Vula Mlomo” by Musa Keys featuring Sir Trill and Nobantu Vilakazi showcases the soulful side of Amapiano. The song’s enchanting piano melodies, complemented by Sir Trill’s captivating vocals and Nobantu Vilakazi’s emotional delivery, struck a chord with listeners. Its introspective lyrics and melodic arrangements resonated deeply, making it a standout track in the Amapiano landscape.
  6. “Myztro Ah Ah” – Myztro ft. Xduppy, ShaunMusiQ & Ftears – “Myztro Ah Ah” by Myztro featuring Xduppy, ShaunMusiQ & Ftears is one of the newest amapiano releases in 2023. The lead singer, Myztro is is believed to be Dj Maphorisa’s brother shared the ground breaking piano banger and with the music gained a lot of recognistion from local amapiano lover. The song was released on 11th May 2023.
  7. “uMlando” – 9umba, TOSS & Mdoovar ft. Sir Trill, Sino Msolo, Lady Du, Young Stunna & Slade : “Umlando” by Toss is a South African amapiano tune that sprang up amapiano dance challenge movement. It was so popular that international celebrities and other music lovers partook in the challenge. uMlando became a sensational tune in the country, and it was at the top of the charts for months. Other amapiano artists who assisted Toss were, 9umba, Mdoovar ft. Sir Trill, Sino Msolo, Lady Du, Young Stunna & Slade and was officially dropped on 13th January 2022.
  8. “Big Flexa” – Costa Titch feat. C’buda M, Alfa Kat, Banaba Des, Sdida & Man T : “Big Flexa” is a song by Costa Titch (RIP) who was a very prolific singer, dance, and performer. He died on stage in 2023 while performing his song on stage. In November 2022, Big Flexa called the assistance of C’buda M, Alfa Kat, Banaba Des, Sdida & Man T on the Amapiano tune, which became his best and most streamed amapiano song. The song was among the top 5 South African songs of 2022.
  9. “Sgudi Snyc” – De Mthuda ft Da Muziqal Chef  : Sgudi Snyc is another banger by the popular amapiano producer De Mthuda. The singer and write worked together with his usual friend, Da Muziqal Chef on the music, Sgudi Snyc. The music name is a nostalgia-inducing piece that has been an ode to a 1990s and 2000s sitcom of the same title, which featured the legendary Joe Mafela as Sdumo. Sgudi Snyc is 5-track EP that featured other amapiano singers like Sam Deep, Kwiish SA, Mkeyz, Lannie Billion, and Azana.
  10. “Forever Yena 2.0” – Major Keys – Forever Yena 2.0 is another tune released in 2023 that has been going viral and heading towards the top of 2023 trending amapiano songs. It’s reported that the amapiano producer Major Keys cropped a popular TikTok visual while using his vocals to make out this tune. Just as uMlando, “Forever Yena 2.0” is becoming popular in South Africa as fans on TikTok are already turning the piano tune to dance challenge.


These songs listed above are the top trending amapiano songs which has been exclusively rated by HipHopZa team. Of course there are other tens and hundreds of wonderful amapiano songs from other sensational artists by other singers like Young Stunna, Nkosazana Daughter, Pobi Cooper, Master KG,Kabza De Small etc.

Stay tuned for more amapiano news.

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