Who Is Behind The Trending “Senatla Rebushe ZCC” Song?

Senatla Rebushe ZCC Song

Senatla Rebushe ZCC, What You Need To Know About The Song And The Artist Behind It

Senatla Rebushe ZCC Song By Potsiso – Social media has its own way of making songs popular, even long forgotten songs. What a song needs to start trending is just the right time and sharing by an influential person on the social media. One of the social media currently known to push good songs far to the ends of the nation is TikTok. An artist and entertainers’ friendly app.


Recently, their was a trending hashtag #SenatlaRebusheZCC, #SenatlaRebushe etc. People were vibing and along with the worship song, but what most people did not know is the artist behind the song. There are clues however to narrow down the search. As the song was been shared with hashtags, one of the notable hashtags in the videos is #ZCC. Of course, many know about ZCC choir, the South African choir which is attached to one of the biggest churches in the country.

ZCC choir is blessed with talents, and people who have special love for singing, especially worship and gospel songs. From the trending hashtags, people do know that the song comes from ZCC but do not actually know the particular artist who released the song. Just this clue may be like looking for a needle in the haystack as there are many chapters of the choir group, also there are hundreds of choristers with the ZCC.

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For that purpose, our team at HipHopZa embarked on the mission to find who owns the glorious vocals, the braisn behind the currently trending music. Guess what???? WE FOUND THE SINGER!!


Potsiso is a South African entertaner who was born and raised in the country. The artist majors in gospel music and prefers to use his native language to dish out his songs, and obviously it does not stop people from loving him and his music.


The South African is a middle aged emcee, who should be in his early 40s or late 30’s. His village or providence of origin is still unclear, and no one knows about his family background yet.

One thing we do know though, he has been a member of ZCC, the prominent Christian choir and church located in South Africa, with carious chapters around the nation.

Potsiso has recently began to share some of his songs on his social platforms, one of which is Re Lokishetse, which will be one in few weeks time. A few people saw the songs and loved it and began to share massively, hence the massive promotion.

Along the line, other songs like Senatla Rebushe by the artist began to trend and people lost track of who released the song.

Senatla Rebushe

The song Senatla Rebushe was dropped by Potsiso some months ago, under the ZCC. When it was released, it was actually loved, people shared positive comments about the music. However, he recent buzz around it was much higher than when it was actually released. This recent promotions have brought in more listeners and lovers and we are sure fans are thirsty for some more.

We do not know when more songs or album will be released by the singer, but whenever it will be, be sure to check back as we will keep this page updated.

Stay tuned with us on HiphopZa for more interesting South African entertainment news.

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