Ndinge Musamaria By Gusba Banana

Ndinge Musamaria By Gusba Banana

South African Singer, Gusba Banana Releases Ndinge Musamaria

A lot of upcoming artists are in South Africa, with many of them coming up to the radar a few times. With the help pf social media, it is not exactly hard to find these promising artists. One of the upcoming singers I’ve loved so much is Gusba Banana.


Who is Gusba Banana, What Is His Real Name

Gusba Banana is a South African music singer, composer and socialite. The artiste is well known as Gusba Banana but his real name is Gundo Masakona.

Gusba as popularly known was born in the year 2001 in a township called Venda Makwarela, in South Africa. The 22 year old artist came to limelight early last year when he built enough popularity for himself via his social media and revelaed he’s be releasing a project.

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With the coming of his EP titled ‘Ya BABA’ it was obvious that Gusba was indeed ready to go on with his career as a professional singer as his then released project was more interesting as expected.

Gundo Masakona whose stage name is Gusba Banana has once reported while in an interview that since childhood, he has always been ambitious and wanted to explore the country and its big cities. He also confirmed that he has been a fan of music from when he was younger and has been preparing himself for when he gains some audience.


Ndinge Musamaria Song

It is really interesting and daring that Gusba kick-started his career with an EP, unlike many other artists who would choose to share some singles first before releasing any studio project.

Asides music, Gusba is a lover of fashion and pp culture, and his music lines has been very vocal and hot.

On his new release, Ndinge Musamaria Gusba infused some biblical references, relatable punchlines in the lyrics of the song as he raps about his journey and life in general.

His kind of music is just perfect for parties, road trips or even when you’re solo in your room.

We hope you do enjoy his music, stay tuned.


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