Lwah Ndlunkulu “Inhliziyo” An Album Or Song?

Inhliziyo by Lwah Ndlunkulu ft King Sandile & ChineDu

Lwah Ndlunkulu “Inhliziyo” An Album Or Song?

Inhliziyo by Lwah Ndlunkulu ft King Sandile & ChineDu: The South African artist Lwah Ndlunkulu has been having lots of buss in South African online space. She is a likable figure and a popular celebrity, not just because of her talent as a nice South African Maskandi artist but some news about her private life.


Just recently, there was speculations about Lwah Ndlunkulu being pregnant and who the father might be, even though many speculated that it could be Big Zulu. Asides the pregnancy, Lwah Ndlunkulu has also been in the news many times one of which was when it was speculated that she has bee seeing another popular Maskandi artist whose name is Big Zulu.

However, some months ago she has been in the news when she released a single with another popular artist.

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Lwah Ndlunkulu

Lwah Ndlunkulu is a popular female South African Maskandi singer, and she has been working closely with many other Maskandi artistes to share good songs.

The female artsit who is in her late 20’s has been known to be working very closely with Big Zulu with whom it has been rumored that they are secretly dating.


The young female artist has an impressive record of being consistent with her music career as she has released a number of hit tracks just this year.

Earlier this year, she dropped a track which she titled Ngiyeza and just last month she also released Eyami, a song which has been trending as one of the best new releases on TV channels.

Asides the two beautiful songs, she worked closely with Bongo Beats on the song Ngikhathazekile and the song featured Khethi.


Another music which has got the attention of her fans is the “Inhliziyo” music, a sound which many claim is the title of her next studio album.

However, from the facts we have “Inhliziyo” is a song by Lwah Ndlunkulu which features King Sandile & ChineDu.

The song was released just on Apple Music, but there has been a little controversy on the track. Lwah did not promote the song as she has been doing, she just revealed that her song will be released on some date last year, and then was pre-released on Apple Music. Officially, the song was not released by the female artiste and she did not share it on any of her digital platforms except YouTube, but since the song was pre-released on Apple, it was just released on iTunes by Apple.

There has been no reason why the song remains unreleased officially despite being available on Apple Music. Even though the song was not promoted nor released via official means, it is still being played and listened by many as trends show that the song already has thousands of views and listeners.

Check out the song on YouTube below and tell us what you feel about it via the comment section below.


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