‘Kharishma’ Calls In ‘Makhadzi’ And ‘Naqua’ On ‘Makhwapheni’

'Kharishma' Calls In 'Makhadzi' And 'Naqua' On 'Makhwapheni'

‘Kharishma’ Calls In ‘Makhadzi’ And ‘Naqua’ On ‘Makhwapheni’

Kharishma Makhwapheni – Amapiano has been a rave of the moment and is becoming more popular not just in South Africa, but through out Africa and the world at large.


Recently, a new amapiano artist ‘Kharishma’ began to share some interesting music for his followers, and has been involving other nice piano artistes. Some days back, she comes through with a new piano music which she calls Makhwapheni.


Kharishma is an upcoming South African amapiano singer and song writer who just emerged and is now solidifying her stay as a talented amapiano female artist.

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While her profile and biography may still be unclear, the female artist from her pictures may still be in her early 20’s, and very active on her social media platforms.

Within two months, she has been able to share tracks that can shoot her from an upcoming artist to a talented professional amapiano singer.


Some days back, Kharishma dropped a hit song which she calls Cancel and it featured another amapiano singer by name, Shebeshxt, along with Naqua and BuddySax currently she has released another banger “Makhwapheni”.


After she came through with ‘Cancel’ featuring shebeshxt, many assumed that she may take a break before returning back to the studio, but we were wrong. She obviously has another banging music in her arsenal and has finally dropped off the song while her previous song is still trending.

Just as he collaborated with a more talented artist in the last release, KharishmaΒ the vocalist again called in another great singers to assist her on her new music, and the artists which she featured are Makhadzi and Naqua SA.

Kharishma is now heading to the peak of her career in the music industry, and now has become a known and respectable voice in the amapiano music scene.

Hopefully, one of her new music will win her a few awards especially in the next South African music awards ceremony.

On the song, Makhadzi lend her voice to the music lyrics, while Naqua SA was the lead producer of the song, Makhwapheni.

Just as many other wonderful songs, the amapiano music Makhwapheni has since it’s release started a new dance challenge on TikTok.

Watch one of the trending videos on TikTok below.


#duet with @Vocalist Kharishma Makhwapheni πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―

♬ original sound – Vocalist Kharishma

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