Kaylow’s ‘Hey Baby Umuhle Ngempela’, All You Need To Know

Kaylow's 'Hey Baby Umuhle Ngempela'

All You Need To Kn0w About Kaylow’s ‘Hey Baby Umuhle Ngempela’

Kaylow Hey Baby Umuhle Ngempela – Among the top rated South African soulful house artistes, Kaylow should have a very good rating. With his long lasting style of music, to his ever-loving fans, Kaylow will last the test of time in the South African music world.


Just recently, his music which was released two years ago, 24 Hours began to trend, and the purpose of this trend is still unclear. The music started trending over the weekend from TikTok, and many who heard the song actually thought it was a new and coming song.

Kaylow’s music 24 Hours which started to trend afresh on TikTok already has about 600k views on YouTube, and was shared on the digital platform on January 28, 2021. 24 Hours was produced by Kabelo Marvin Thamage while the song was composed by Kelello Segoana and Kabelo Marvin Thamage.

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Hey Baby Umuhle Ngempela

As the song was trending, some fans began to share some nice music already released by the South African house singer. One of those songs which made it afresh to the airwaves included Hey Baby Umuhle Ngempela.

The track has been released some months ack by the artist who was born on 19 March 1986, and there have been a challenge which sprang up on TikTok by the song lovers.


Kaylow, the 37 years old male singer is currently catching in on the euphoria as he shares visuals and images of himself, joining in the challenge in order to make his music fresh once again in the memory of his beloved fans.

His song Umuhle Ngempela is currently available on various digital platforms, and anyone who wishes to take a listen can head over to YouTube or Apple Music.

Asides the trending singles, Kaylow has a lot of projects to his name, some of these albums include; Broken Magic, Reach Out, Reach Out (Deluxe Edition), War for Love.

Kaylow also is active on his social platforms, you may find the artist on YouTube, Soundcloud, Audiomack, Apple Music, Twitter, Facebook, Deezer etc.

With the attention Kaylow currently has, we hope he utilizes it more, and share some new music offerings to his fans or even release a new album.

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