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Miguel Sure Thing

Miguel’s Sure Thing Still Fresh In The Minds Of South Africans

Miguel Jontel Pimentel is the real name of the American singer, whose work of art ‘Sure Thing‘ has not only impressed listeners across the globe, but gained some die-hard foll0wers (like us at HipHopZa) in a country in Africa Called South Africa.


The American singer has been sharing excellent piece or art for more than a decade, and does not seem to hit the brake soon.

A look at who Miguel is will help a lot of his fans in South African know about his personality, and biography. Our team on HipHopZa have put up a few information about the singer.

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Who Is Miguel? Short Biography

Miguel is an American based songwriter, singer and also doubles as an actor. He was born and raised in San Pedro, California in America.

In 2018, the American singer bonded with the love of his life, Nazanin Mandi and they have been together since then. It is not clear if Miguel has a child, also there is no information to show for a fact who the family members of the artist is.


However, Miguel is known to have a sibling whose name is Jamaal Harris Pimentel, an entertainer who seems to major in song writing.

Reports have it that Miguel’s Parents divorced while the artist was just 8 years old, his Father is allegedly said to be Mexican while his mother is African-American.

How Old Is Miguel? Age

Miguel was born on 23rd October 1985 , so his real age is 37 years old. He celebrates his birthdays on every October 23rd. The talented entertainer was born and  raised in Los Angeles, California, United States

Net Worth

Miguel net worth: Miguel, the American songwriter, singer and producer is one of the few entertainers who are worth a fortune. An online report states that Miguel is estimated to have a net worth of about $10 million dollars.

Music Career

It has been reported that Miguel began to pursue a career in music and entertainment when he was just thirteen years old. Jive Records was the first record label he signed up with in 2007, after which he dropped his debut studio project titled, All I Want Is You, in November 2010.

In the album houses the trending tune Sure Thing, which has been one of the long trending international music in South Africa.

Miguel has a great number of music released, the American R&B singer and songwriter Miguel i the course of his career has successfully released at least, four albums, four mixtapes, twenty-three songs, and also seven EPs.

After his first project release, he dropped another banger which seemed to top the previous project. In fact, Miguel became more popular and known for his second studio album which is titled, “Kaleidoscope Dream, and he dropped the album in 2012, two years after the first project.

In the second album houses another single which he called ‘Adorn, a song which successfully earned him a Grammy Award some moments later.

Sure Thing

Just like Tsoul’s Best Of Me, Miguel’s Sure Thing which was his first hit song was dropped through his album titled All I Want Is You.
The studio album All I Want Is You was released in 2010, and in it was Sure Thing, a banger which have been in the hearts and minds of many South African music lovers.
The music was assisted by another top rated American hiphop rapper, J.Cole. Together they created a memorable song which will still stand the taste of time.

All I Want Is You was officially dropped on YouTube, and after about 5 years, they shared the official music video on YouTube.

You can check out the track and share your suggestion with us via the comment section. Keep visiting us on HipHopZa.


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