South African Dj, DMP Releases Amapiano Remix Of Jason Derulo’s ‘Watcha Say’

DMP Releases Amapiano Remix Of Jason Derulo's 'Watcha Say'

HiphopZA Review Of DMP’s ‘Watcha Say Amapiano Remix’ Song

DMP SA is a South African DJ, mixer and singer, and he has been trending lately for the Jason Derulo’s ‘Watcha Say’ song remix he shared on his social media, especially on Twitter.


Actually, DMP is not a mainstream artist, but a young social media user who loves and has passion for music and it’s production. For some months, he has been sharing some of his remixes on social media but this week, he has been trending for the amapiano remix he shared, which was Whatcha Say originally owned by Jason Derulo.


Currently, there are little to no information about the personal details of DMP SA. His biography, age, background parents etc. have not been known, this can be attributed to the fact that he is just a new comer to the South African entertainment mainstream, plus he does not share much information about his life as he just concentrates on sharing what he loves to do.

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However, the little information we know about the young entertainer is that, he was born and raised within South Africa. DMP is very active on his social media pages, especially on TikTok. He bears the name ‘Tosha’ on his YouTube channel, a name we do not know if it’s his real name or not.

On his social media pages, he has contents which has millions of views and also has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok with Twitter being his least active social with just a few thousand followers.


As an upcoming artist, he is currently active on some digital streaming platforms like Deezer, YouTube, BoomPlay etc.

Watcha Say Amapiano Remix

The RnB and hip-hop song “Whatcha Say’ was originally dropped by Jason Derulo. The real name of the artiste is Jason Joel Desrouleaux, but usually referred to as Jason Derulo, he is a known and popular American R&B singer and music writer.

In 2009, he took the world by surprise when he released his record breaking song titled “Watcha Say”. The song was uploaded on YouTube on October 16th 2009, and currently has 340 Million views.

After more than a decade, a young talented South African amapiano DJ and mixer refreshed the memory his followers and Jason’s fans in South African by releasing the amapiano remix of his 14 year old song, and so far the sound is good.

Song Review

Instead of using Jason’s intro and instrumental for the music, DMP SA rather started out by playing around with amapiano tunes infused with drums and pianos. He then started out by what seems like a slower version of Jason’s hook (chorus).

DMP also added some part and voices of the amapiano song “Bhebha” to his own remix, to give it a more real amapiano vibes. Just like many amapiano songs, the Watcha Say Song Remix comes with very little remix, this could be to avoid copyright infringement, of just to make the song sound so authentic.

In our ow review, the song was nicely crafted, and surely amapiano lovers and fans will definitely give a thumbs up to the new mix, and this will in turn increase the value of DMP SA as an upcoming artist.

Check out the new Whatcha Say Remix on YouTube.

The original lyrics intro and hook of the song by Jason Derulo reads and seen below.

“Wh-wh-wh-what did she say?Mm whatcha say?Mm that you only meant well?Well of course you didMm whatcha say?(Jason Derulo)Mm that it’s all for the best?”


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